The percentage of clients that do not have Google Analytics properly set up prior to working with us.


Analytics Review

  • Websites have the most potential for success when you can measure their performance and base important decisions on your visitors’ behavior.

Way beyond vanity metrics.

The web is still at the heart of most digital marketing practices. So web analytics is just as important as it’s always been. But while digital marketing has evolved into a complex dance of channels and interactions, many organisations are still looking at web metrics the way they did ten years ago.

Reporting visits and measuring page views isn’t enough any more. To really take advantage of the power of the web, you need to measure customer pathing, traffic sources, content effectiveness and video engagement. You need to know more than who’s coming to your site. You need to know why. To know the best page or product to show them. What they’re looking for and how one interaction will affect all the rest. And you need to know now.